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Production photos from my four-days on the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border shooting a powerful short film entitled The Waters Rise


It was written and helmed by award winning director, Jessie Levandov.  The four person cast included:


Santana Dempsey as Blue


Kira Pearson as Leona


Roger Grunwald as Dunby


And me as July.  Photo by K. Pearson.

IMG_5593IMG_5646pIMG_5912 IMG_5905IMG_5629

The weather was darn near perfect.

IMG_5954IMG_5946 IMG_5940 IMG_5961

The cast and crew were a friendly, lively bunch.

IMG_5883 IMG_5959  IMG_5953 IMG_5979 

Photo by K. Pearson.


IMG_5907 IMG_5909

We shot interiors at the gorgeous Genesis Farms, “a learning center for Earth studies".  It was founded in 1980 by the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell New Jersey.  I am now realizing that I never took a picture of their composting toilet. 


To see more photos from The Waters Rise, go to my flickr site.  

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