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Monthly Archives: November 2008

I have voted in every presidential election since I was 18 because I feel that it is a dishonor to my forebears who risked and, sometimes gave, their lives for my right to do so. 


Under the artificial lights of early morning Brooklyn.


My voting booth. 


In the corner on a grand piano sat the box for emergency and BMD affidavit ballots. 


Democracy in action.  Far more exciting than Top Models in Action.


The lines moved quickly. 


My brightly colored polling place.


This leaf fell right on my head as I was walking home.

I had to be on set all day, so I made a point of voting early in the morning.  While I was in line, a man drove up and blasted the entirety of Otis Redding’s “A Change is Gonna Come” and then drove off.  Good God, y’all, we have a Black President.