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Oh Caramel Apple, it’s autumn again,

Your tangy sweetness invites us to sin.

How do you manage to always taste good,

Even when purchased in another neighborhood?

Your Midwest cousins were my first love indeed,

You’re no Affy Tapple, this I will concede.

But your rich, dark caramel is gooey enough,

Your unsalted chopped nuts are crunchy and rough,

Your sharp, green apple juices mingle with mine,

And make everything about you taste so fine!

You’ll go away soon, my non-perennial friend.

But I’ll meet you again, at next summer’s end.



  1. Wow! Bonita Applebum…….

  2. I have eaten plenty for you. I did not know that you liked them so much.

  3. Royal, Jennifer: Thanks for reading!

    Jennifer: They have a nice nostalgic flavor.

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