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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Around this time last year, I took stock of my bookshelves.   I was already pretty well schooled in the European classics and my bookshelves were looking very unbalanced.  So I decided that for the next 365 days I would only read, borrow and buy books by and about black people.  There’s so much great work out there, I’m going to do it for another year!

Here are five I picked up at a used bookstore in Brooklyn on Saturday.


$2.00.  Looking forward to reading this next.  This novel has been following me all year!


$2.00.  Swift read.  Finished it up Sunday evening.  Chapter 7 was my favorite.


$1.00.  I paid for the brothers but I will check out Styron’s The Confessions of Nat Turner from the LIBRARY – after October 31.


$5.00.  Never been much of a Baldwin fan but that could change.  Just like how I grew to like Brussels Sprouts.  I  really dug his essay on Otto Preminger’s Carmen Jones.  I read it while riding the B65 bus back home.


$4.00.  I paid $4.00 for a book that was last priced at $0.50.  But… if I had gone to Borders, I would have paid $12.95!  

What are you reading?

Oh Caramel Apple, it’s autumn again,

Your tangy sweetness invites us to sin.

How do you manage to always taste good,

Even when purchased in another neighborhood?

Your Midwest cousins were my first love indeed,

You’re no Affy Tapple, this I will concede.

But your rich, dark caramel is gooey enough,

Your unsalted chopped nuts are crunchy and rough,

Your sharp, green apple juices mingle with mine,

And make everything about you taste so fine!

You’ll go away soon, my non-perennial friend.

But I’ll meet you again, at next summer’s end.



Bergen Street between Nostrand and New York Avenues.


New York Avenue at Atlantic.


Dinner and a show:  La Madeleine and Gypsy on Broadway starring Bernadette Peters.


Strand Bookstore Annex.  Closing sale.


Sweet Rhythm Jazz Club.  The Ray Anderson Quartet.


On stage.  Role of Hypollita.


Union Square Greenmarket.  Hydroponic tomatoes.


On my way home a couple of Saturdays ago, I ran into a parade!  Luckily I had my camera with me.       


It was a beautiful day for a parade.  The warm sum beamed down and it was still cool in the shade.


Now I know what a “real” Panama hat looks like.



The drummers showed out.


UPS was representing.


The Pan American Marching Band of New York City is comprised of men, women, girls and boys of all ages.






Pride in Brooklyn.


I met a stranger online… and went shooting with him on Saturday.  I also brought along some macro extension lenses.

IMG_6877 IMG_6914 IMG_7080 IMG_6893

My new photog friend is named Tyler and here’s his website!