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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Neo Soul singer, ASA, visited my studio and we took some lovely pictures for her upcoming album, ASA – Love’s Experience.


These are a few of my favorites.


I think her new haircut is smashing!


My friend, Scoop, is a brilliant actor with an outta-this-world rock  n’ roll belt.  He invited me to shoot his band, Maslow, at an Irish pub somewhere near 29th Street and Park Avenue South. 


I can’t remember the name of the pub but if I could I wouldn’t publicize it.


After the set, I joined the other band members at the bar and waited for Scoop to come out.  His bandmates are pretty cool, grungy-looking types while Scoop has more of a Glam-Rock look but, somehow, it works.

I got the bartender’s attention and waited for him to take my drink order.  He was a cute kid who looked to be in his early twenties. The bartender kept busy and I occupied myself chatting with the guys in the band.  Then Scoop joined us and also got the bartenders attention.  The bartender grunted an acknowledgement in Scoop’s direction but continued to busy himself with the other patrons – he even found time to serve drinks to people who walked in after us.


My clever Scoop figured out what was going on (even though I hadn’t quite), asked me what I was drinking and asked one of his less glam, hetero-looking, European-type bandmates to order an Irish whiskey.  It came right away. 

I live in New York, right???


Young Man with a Horn

Taken at the legendary St. Nick’s Pub in Harlem.  Dennis Davis on drums.

Bass Player and Microphone

My friend Deborah was not posing when I snapped this.  She’s listening to live music.


The denim jacket is the only indicator that this is a contemporary subject. 


I got hijacked to a revival meeting of-sorts last Saturday.  I wasn’t born again but the smart aleck-y six year old that I try to keep hidden away (stuffed in the heel of my left foot lest it gets out and starts running rampant at the mouth) wants to ask, “If Jesus is so great, why is He always making people cry?



“And giving them pounding headaches?”




Maybe Salt knows.








Lady MC Farrah Burns performing at Alphabet Lounge, NYC.